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Improving School Board Decision-Making: The Data Connection

Welcome to the Improving School Board Decision-Making: The Data Connection Web site. Inside you'll find PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, hands-on training tools and other helpful materials you won't see in the book.

These materials are for school board members who want to know more about how to use data to make good decisions for children in public schools. Trainers who work with school board members also can use these materials at state and national conferences or in local training sessions.

The resources you will find here are designed to compliment and supplement the book. (Click here for a PDF copy of the 96-page book.) They are divided to align with the chapters. That said, you may find that they are cross-functional and you will find it helpful to look at them in total to "pick and choose" what is right for your work.

You'll find more information on how to:

  • Understand what data are available for what purpose

  • Ask for the data that best informs decision-making

  • Work with the superintendent to understand what data reveal through analysis and interpretation

  • Use data to base tough school board decisions on fact not guesswork and mitigate single-issue agendas

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